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Click here for a list of substance abuse agencies to aid clients in complying with court-ordered requirements of probation.


Probation is an alternative to incarceration. Probation involves the supervision of adult individuals in the community as a result of a suspended sentence or deferred judgment. Probation clients undergo risk and needs assessments, case planning, and referrals to community agencies. The Probation/Parole Officer monitors the progress of clients on supervision by focusing on core correctional practices. Probation supervision is the largest service provided by community corrections.

Pursuant to Section 905.14 of the Iowa Code, a person placed on probation shall be required to pay an enrollment fee of three hundred dollars to the district department.  The supervision fee can be paid in one sum or installments prior to the end of the term of supervision. Make a payment here

Find forms and documents related to Probation below.

Biographical Data Form

Low Risk Probation

Low Risk Probation is a program designed for clients who meet low risk supervision requirements. They are monitored to ensure fulfillment of their court ordered conditions.

Find forms and documents related to Low Risk Probation below.

Community Service Hours Verification Form
Drinker Driver and Victim Impact Panel Information

Minimum Risk Probation

This Program is a result of risk scores identified by the Iowa Risk Revised (IRR) assessment in adherence to Evidence Based Practices (EBP). Probationers are required to meet with the supervising officer as required every six months, and to communicate any changes on their status at any point. They are monitored for completion of financial obligations, court-ordered requirements, and law violations.

Find forms and documents related to Minimum Risk Probation below.

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