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Presentence Investigations

Presentence investigations (PSI) are prepared as mandated by the Code of Iowa and as ordered by the Court.  This report includes a social history of the client as well as the client’s criminal history.  The purpose of the report is to provide background information on the client to assist the Court with determining appropriate sentencing.  It is also used by a Probation/ Parole Officer, Department of Corrections’ institutions, and the Board of Parole to assist in developing correctional treatment plans and in decision-making.  The information is gathered from the client as well as other collateral sources including but not limited to a family member, employer, and treatment providers.

To assist in the PSI process, the biographical data form is utilized.  Please fill out this form in detail and bring it with you to your appointment or return it to your Probation Officer prior to your scheduled appointment.  If you require any special accommodations for your appointment, please contact your Probation Officer immediately.  To schedule an appointment or find out who your Probation Officer is please contact us.

Find forms and documents related to Presentence Investigations below.

Biographical Data Form